Thank God it’s Friday! Thank you Lord for all the blessings and opportunities. I pray that You continue to guide us in everything that we do. May Your protection be upon us and our loved ones. Continue to bless us so we can be a blessing to others. Bless all our plans and make our dreams come true. Amen.

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Tagalog para di maintindihan ng iba…

Inaantok ako sa mga oras na ito dahil wala akong ginagawa dito sa opisina. Mahirap magkunwari na may ginagawa ka. Ilang beses ko nang inulit ang pag link ng spreadsheet at paggawa ng template para lang patayin ang oras. Waaaa….

Minsan masarap din ang walang ginagawa pero pag sobra na, di rin maganda sa pakiramdam hehe…

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Prayers for Healing

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Yesterday, one of my former colleague from asked me if there are bible verses for healing and I said there are a lot. She said her husband has been sick for quite some time now. She said she’s not a … Continue reading

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Saturday Agenda

Going to see a doctor for check-up. Feeling some chest discomfort and becoming paranaoid of having heart problem. I just want to have peace of mind, hence, will see a doctor. Also having issues with my shoulder blades and neck and badly wanted to have a good remedial massage. I want to try acupuncture as well.

Dear God, I hope my check up goes well and nothing serious. Amen.

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Long Weekend



Another long weekend bonding with hubby. We were on leave last Friday for doctor’s appointment and passport renewal. Had coffee, bacon and egg at one of the cafes in Surry Hills. Then lunch with PnG friends/colleagues of Rodel. Getting lost and marketing at Auburn.

Bushwalk the following day and then spontaneous picnic at Palm Beach.

Sunday mass, movie time and had a good rest.

Lazy Monday cos it’s Labor Day! Stayed at home, sleep and rest.

Back to reality Tuesday. Literally dragged myself out of bed to prepare for work.

I really miss working from home terribly! Lord, patamain mo na kami sa Lotto please…

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Long Weekend

Today is the end of the long weekend and I feel so lazy to come to the office tomorrow. I really missed working from home! Missing my Citi work from home privilege. I just want to stay at home while working and do some other stuff. I want time freedom! Well, both my husband and I actually. Oh, I hope and pray that all our plans and dreams come true with the blessing from the One up above.

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Sweets from Hunter Valley


Thanks to Pards Jeff for these chocolates from Hunter Valley! So yummy!!! Can’t wait to taste the red wine as well. Hehehe…just a sip for me though. The perks of having generous friends here in Sydney. 🙂 Thank you Lord for the gift of friendship. May You continue to bless these people and guide them to the right path always.

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Expensive Experiment

What an expensive experiment I had today. I bought macchiato and realised that it’s just a shot of strong coffee which definitely I can’t take. So what happened next is I bought hot chocolate and mix it with the macchiato. My goodness, it was not only an expensive experiment but an expensive mistake as well hahaha! So, how will I relate it to oxygen 8? I don’t know…google it and see what it says.

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Focus & Concentration

Now at Lane Cove Library “studying” hahaha! OMG, I really need more focus and concentration! Badly needed indeed. I am here for an hour and a half already and I read maybe about 2-3 pages only and to make it worse, it was a reading without comprehension. My goodness where will this study habit take me?!?! Must bear in mind how much it costs me for just one subject. It’s quite an investment that I should just put into waste. Lord, help me to be more focused and determined…

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Opportunities keep on coming…and we are welcoming all of them. Thank you Lord for all the blessings.

Four more days before weekend. Can’t wait…hahaha!

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