Prayer for Having a Baby

I want to share this prayer to every couple who might be needing it just like us. May God grant our hearts’ desire.

Prayer For Having a Baby

Your birth, O Jesus, brought much joy to Joseph and Mary. Heaven and earth rejoiced to see new life and hope upon Your coming. Truly there is no greater sign of God’s immense love for the world than His love becoming flesh and dwelling among us.

O Jesus, grant me and my spouse, Rodel, the grace to have the joy of our love becoming flesh. We have been married for years. All these years we have been desolate for want of a child. Grant us the same joy You have bestowed upon Abraham and Sarah by the birth of Isaac; the very same delight of Zacariah and Elizabeth with the coming of John; the very same pride Ozario and Giuseppa felt with their son, Francisco Forgione, our dear Padre Pio.

O Jesus, cleanse our hearts from our sins and selfishness that deny us the grace of having a child. Heal our wounded spirit and body. Make our generative faculties fertile. But most of all enkindle our passion and love for each other as husband and wife.

If You will answer our plea, my spouse, Rodel and I pledge to give our child a good name. Together we will raise our child in love and holiness, in compassion and charity, in sincere devotion and service to you and your people. We, too, duly swear that if ever You are to call our child in the service of the Church, we are going to support our child wholeheartedly in fulfilling Your divine will.

This is our desire, O Jesus, to have a child of our own. Do grant our petition for we ask it in Your name, in the name of Your gentle parents Joseph and Mary, and in the name of our dear Padre Pio. Amen.

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