Blessings And Hardwork

It’s been exactly a month now since I took my writing hobby into the next level. I started writing for an online news company while working full time in a multi-national financial services company here in Sydney. It was tough at first since I don’t have much knowledge on SEO, though I’m into blogging for more than half a decade  now (if I remember it right).

In my first two weeks, I only got double digit hits for almost all of my articles. It’s such a blessing that today, on my first month, at this very moment (12:07am – 7 Jan Sydney time) I got almost three thousand page views already for one of my articles. In just 24 hours! I think it’s  a combination of blessing, hardwork, luck and good training. 🙂

Thank you Lord for this opportunity. May You always guide and direct us to the right path. In everything that we do, let it be for Your glory. Amen.

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