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Look Pretty

My housemate and I were talking about makeups the other day.  My gosh, they are so expensive here in Singapore.  Even the brush, it’s so pricey!  Good thing I bought one pallet of mineral makeup back in the Philippines just … Continue reading

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Beauty Micrometer

See this news about beauty micrometers?  Wow, interesting, huh?!?! It says, “analyzes facial flaws for make up”.  Wondering how expensive it is.  I bet an ordinary person like me couldn’t afford that.  In the first place, would I still be … Continue reading

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Perfect Sunless Tan

Wanna have a perfect sunless tan? You may want to try tan towel. I haven’t personally tried it yet (well, I guess I probably won’t since I already have a tan skin) hahaha! but you just might want to try … Continue reading

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My friend is looking for a television stands and is asking me to help her find a good one.  She just called me up today and I am pretty busy so I asked her if she can still wait until … Continue reading

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Have a Happy Life

There are lots of diet pills coming out of the market that sometimes we are confused which brand is really the best for us.  Oh, well…this isn’t my problem anyway but most of my friends’.  For me, exercise and proper … Continue reading

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