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Business Name

I just had 3 business names reserved at Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) website yesterday, and I’ve got 4 days to pay for the 3-month reservation period.  But as of now, everything is still on hold.  I’m waiting for the … Continue reading

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Starting a Business

I just finished the CPA Board Exam and putting up a business here in the Philippines is one of the things that we are considering.  It’s something related to agriculture.  We’ve been brainstorming for several days now and still brainstorming … Continue reading

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Conference Call

It’s been more than half I year now since I quit my job at ACS.  I miss the corporate world sometimes, the business correspondences, meetings, deadlines, conference calls and a lot of things.  Since all the controllers are in the … Continue reading

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LloydLuna in Tacloban

I heard that my brother is going to have his first franchisee in Tacloban.  Wow, that’s certainly a good news! Career advice, speaking engagements, etc. are some of the services that he’s offering.  To add on the list are his … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Business

I have learned that when you’re bored because you’re jobless for quite a long time already, your mind’s starting to think beyond possibilities.  You get to be more creative and try to maximize whatever resources you have in order to … Continue reading

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