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Dinner Date

Thank you Lord for a sumptuous dinner with my husband at Men-Ichi Japanese restaurant in Northpoint (Yishun).  Met up with a new found friend from AIMS during our Australia Permanent Resident visa processing who happened to be an employee of … Continue reading

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Sinigang na Isda

Di ako marunong magluto ng sinigang na isda pero kailangan kong subukan…sana naman eh konting remedyo na lang ang kailangan para maging masarap sya.  Mamaya pag-uwi ng asawa ko sya na bahala gumawa ng paraan para sumarap hehehe…

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Prawns Finally!

I used to be allergic to prawn, crabs and other seafood.  It was actually my first time to try eating prawn here in Singapore.  And it tastes good! I got immune into it hahaha…I didn’t undergo tests like austin food … Continue reading

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11.11.11 @ Hua Ting Orchard Hotel

Thanks to my boss, I finally got to taste authentic Chinese dimsum on 11.11.11!   The food’s great, I would love to be back and eat some more! Hahaha…I’m so lucky and blessed to have such a kind and generous … Continue reading

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Diet & Eating Habits

I’ve been receiving messages of various forms, (e.g. e-mail, sms, chats) from friends asking me about weight loss pills that work fast.  And my classic reaction is always like, “my goodness…I don’t even need to use one!” Hahaha…but of course, … Continue reading

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Food Trip

I love this food which I bought at the Hawker Center in Yishun.  But I still don’t know what’s this called, hehehe!  The first time I tried this was when Rodel bought one for our dinner.  This is actually the … Continue reading

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Goal #1: Learn How To Cook

One of the many reasons why I am here in Singapore is to learn to be domesticated.  I basically don’t know anything about cooking.  That is why I decided to live here, away from my family and with limited resources … Continue reading

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Yummy…yum! yum! I want some red velvet cupcakes!!!    Just to give some trivia about these cupcakes, I made some simple research! Lolz! Well, these things are pretty much just a click away. Hehehe…anyhow, these information might be interesting to … Continue reading

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How to Make Pesto

I’m not fond of cooking but I just love pesto so I tried to search on the internet on how to make it.  I’ll probably try to do it some time, hehehe!  Thanks to where I found this recipe … Continue reading

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Just having fun while on our way to Manila from Tagaytay after the retreat.  Smartfood popcorn, yummy! I was just entertaining my sisters by doing this crazy thing hahaha!  And of course they would want to document it by taking … Continue reading

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