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I just thought of posting something here… Here you go…I miss you, my HTC Onr M9. Wondering where you are at this moment. Hoping that your new owner treats you well. I’m back to Apple now. iPhone 6S Plus, iPad … Continue reading

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HTC One M9 Sold

Tonight, I finally let go of my HTC One M9 at $380. As much as I wanted to keep it, it wouldn’t be practical. The money that I got out of selling my pre-loved phone will cover a week’s rent … Continue reading

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iPhone 4S

I would love to have a new iPhone 4S but I just can’t have it now.  My iPhone 4 is only 2 months old.  What about a handheld GPS unit?  I don’t really understand much about this thing hehehe…it would … Continue reading

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IT’s All About Tech

I was reminded by a friend few days ago about my domain renewal. Hahaha! I almost forgot…oh, by the way I have to check my paypal account as promised.  Well, it not yet due today but it’s better to pay … Continue reading

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Internet at Home

I will be moving to a new flat next month and I will be needing a xbox wireless adapter.  Obviously I can’t afford to neglect my blogs because I don’t have internet connection.  So, as early as now I am … Continue reading

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Spend Wisely

iPhone 5 is coming and I haven’t experienced having an iPod touch yet! Goodness…hehehe!  This is one of the sacrifices that I had to make in order to be a CPA.  I had to resign from my work to give … Continue reading

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Sony Ericsson

After it’s 5 years of service, the usb of my SE K800i mobile phone’s life has ended.  I don’t know what happened, it’s still functioning but the rubber covering the wire was broken.  So, for safety I chose not to … Continue reading

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MacBook Air

I really love this MacBook Air!  It’s been more than two years that I’ve been using this Compaq and it’s quite hard for me bringing it with me while travelling.  With the weight of this MacBook Air, I’m sure travelling … Continue reading

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I still don’t have an iPhone.  I guess I have to wait for the iPhone 5, hahaha!  There are a lot of things that I want.  It’s been a while since the last time I shopped for gadgets!  Being unemployed … Continue reading

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My mobile phone service provider called me up to ask me if I’m interested to upgrade my current plan and they will give me a Samsung Galaxy for free on top of other freebies.  At first it sounds so tempting … Continue reading

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