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Initial Consultation

24 May 2016 Initial consultation with fertility specialist Dr Katrina Rowan. Thank God she recommended a natural way of conceiving with the help of some medications. Praying that it’ll be successful within 3 months, 6 at the most. She also … Continue reading

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Watch Your Health

Do you belong to the losing weight team or gaining weight team? Hahaha…just making my own classification! I would say, I belong to the second group.  But what seems to be funny here is because I always trying to browse … Continue reading

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Ideal Weight

Everytime I browse the net and almost everytime when I was having a conversation with a friend, officemate or an acquaintance I always hear this phrase…”appetite suppressants reviews’ target=_blank>appetite suppressants reviews”.  Obviously, they are all in a diet! Why is … Continue reading

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Diet & Eating Habits

I’ve been receiving messages of various forms, (e.g. e-mail, sms, chats) from friends asking me about weight loss pills that work fast.  And my classic reaction is always like, “my goodness…I don’t even need to use one!” Hahaha…but of course, … Continue reading

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Healthy Lifestyle

I was once thought that I have thyroid imbalance because I am underweight though I eat a lot.  So, I had it checked and thank God it’s clear.  There are actually two different types of thyroid imbalance: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.  … Continue reading

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Learning New Things

Well, it will be the third time today that I’m gonna say “I really miss HOME”.  And because of that I learned that there’s such thing as compression stockings.  I learned that these stockings have health benefits which energize the … Continue reading

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Medical Exam

I’m going to have my medical examination tomorrow at Healthway Shangri-la Mall in Shaw Blvd.  With God’s grace, I hope everything’s okay…that I’m fit and healthy.  Sometimes I get paranoid when I feel something unusual but then I guess it’s … Continue reading

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Abdominal Cuts

I was just talking about trimming my tummy when I saw this abdominal cuts thing.  At first I thought has something to do with surgery or something like a caesarian operation due to giving birth.  But when I saw some … Continue reading

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Workout Supplements

When I was still having my regular workout at Fitness First One Ecom, I learned that a lot of members are taking pre-workout supplements.  I haven’t tried it though.  And I guess I won’t be needing that, hahaha!  I go … Continue reading

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Why am I so emotional today? Has it something to do with hormones?!?! Estrogen and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) perhaps.  Generally speaking, PMS is present when physical and emotion symptoms occur few days before multiple consecutive periods (made me think that … Continue reading

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