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It Officially Starts Today

My one week leave officially starts today! Haven’t really gone through a lot of preparation…got few materials (20 complete sets) which I’m planning to finish until Friday. Hoping and praying to meet the target. Trust that this whole week of … Continue reading

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11.11.11 @ Hua Ting Orchard Hotel

Thanks to my boss, I finally got to taste authentic Chinese dimsum on 11.11.11!   The food’s great, I would love to be back and eat some more! Hahaha…I’m so lucky and blessed to have such a kind and generous … Continue reading

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Shopping Destination

I am living here in Singapore for almost four months now and working for nearly three months.  When I fly here from Manila, I didn’t actually bring a lot of stuff because I don’t want the immigration officer to suspect … Continue reading

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Wonderful Memories c”,)

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Motivational speaker in Malaysia and Singapore

Just wanna share my brother’s note which was posted on his Facebook account.   I’m proud of my brother! I really am… 🙂 Let me start with a powerful statement: This travel is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to … Continue reading

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