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Prawns Finally!

I used to be allergic to prawn, crabs and other seafood.  It was actually my first time to try eating prawn here in Singapore.  And it tastes good! I got immune into it hahaha…I didn’t undergo tests like austin food … Continue reading

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11.11.11 @ Hua Ting Orchard Hotel

Thanks to my boss, I finally got to taste authentic Chinese dimsum on 11.11.11!   The food’s great, I would love to be back and eat some more! Hahaha…I’m so lucky and blessed to have such a kind and generous … Continue reading

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Food Trip

I love this food which I bought at the Hawker Center in Yishun.  But I still don’t know what’s this called, hehehe!  The first time I tried this was when Rodel bought one for our dinner.  This is actually the … Continue reading

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Goal #1: Learn How To Cook

One of the many reasons why I am here in Singapore is to learn to be domesticated.  I basically don’t know anything about cooking.  That is why I decided to live here, away from my family and with limited resources … Continue reading

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Yummy…yum! yum! I want some red velvet cupcakes!!!    Just to give some trivia about these cupcakes, I made some simple research! Lolz! Well, these things are pretty much just a click away. Hehehe…anyhow, these information might be interesting to … Continue reading

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How to Make Pesto

I’m not fond of cooking but I just love pesto so I tried to search on the internet on how to make it.  I’ll probably try to do it some time, hehehe!  Thanks to www.pickyourown.org where I found this recipe … Continue reading

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Just having fun while on our way to Manila from Tagaytay after the retreat.  Smartfood popcorn, yummy! I was just entertaining my sisters by doing this crazy thing hahaha!  And of course they would want to document it by taking … Continue reading

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Day 2 – Royal Chao Phraya Princess Cruise

Among our various adventures here in the Land of Smiles (Thailand), this is one of my favorites!  And one of the most worthwhile and memorable just like the Siam Niramit Show.  The cruise is just so amazing and relaxing, a … Continue reading

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Day 1 – Wat Pho, Jewelry Factory & Siam Niramit Show

This was taken from my Travel Journal. 6:00 am Bangkok, Thailand time –  Good morning Bangkok! As usual, it’s morning rituals time.  I went ahead first, Leizl followed, then Laurence.  The couple in the other room were not yet done … Continue reading

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